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CarterCorp Industries and its affiliates provide products, solutions, and services to a multitude of industries, including specialty tubing and pipes, pumps, hoses, fluid handling products, metering instruments, fittings, valves, replacement parts, and other related products and solutions. Our global experience in the international markets and our intimate knowledge of local markets enables us to provide our clients with a multitude of products and solutions for most aspects of their projects. Additionally CarterCorp Services and affiliates offer comprehensive consulting services in Manufacturing, Sourcing, Marketing, Financing, Recruiting, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures to a variety of industries that wish to establish, improve or expand their international presence and performance.

Through our affiliates in North and South America, Australia, Asia, or more specifically, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, the Middle-East in particular Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE, and Europe, CarterCorp Industries and CarterCorp Services are your one stop solutions provider.



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